Education — a great way to fight poverty

I was surfing through the web and came across this statement that was pretty thought provoking.  According the to the World Bank, there are some 57-million children worldwide who don’t go to school.  And even those that do don’t seem to have the skills they need.

With two girls of my own I know I am determined to find them the best education, to get them the skills they need to be able to function in society, and also in the world economy.  So reading about how more and more skilled labor is required, or will be in the future, and how there are plans out there to really help those children who don’t have access to adequate education was eye opening.  It’s education for an entire planet.

Seems pretty ambitious right?

It is.

But there a groups that are trying to address this issue in smaller ways and even just to get the conversation going.  Take this upcoming event at Columbia, for example, it’s a symposium where the public can hear ideas on how we can promote education for the planet.  (It’s November 2oth at 5:30 and the link above says).  It’s run by the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution.

But taking on the world’s educational issues is a more than daunting task, so where to start?  One place is this website that gives a breakdown of education initiatives by country.  Some are finished like Canada, Turkey and Finland, others like the US and Russia are not.  Still it’s a good jumping off place to see just what the state of education is.

It’s a positive thing to be educating our kids, preparing them for their tomorrows, but with articles like this it seems like we’re sometimes going backwards.

What do you think?


2 responses to “Education — a great way to fight poverty

  1. This post is particularly interesting to me since I volunteered in India to improve education among women! A large part of the population there can’t afford a basic education. I’m glad that you examined this issue.

  2. Saw something quick on the news the other day about refurbished Ipad’s and tablet computers being donated to impoverished and illiterate countries within Africa. Kids were learning to read through apps, books, and educational materials programmed onto these Ipads. Wish I could remember more important information now, such as the wonderful organization that was helping this work to be possible! Oh well – anyway, my take away point is that as the technology starts to become a little older and cheaper it becomes easier to harness it for purposes such as this.

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