Welcome to the NECRblog.

I hope your visit will be thought provoking and fun!

This blog is a compilation of thoughts, ideas, events, scholarly learning and information about the world of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NECR).  Attached to the NECR Master’s Program at Columbia University, this blog a place on the web to learn, share and discuss all elements of Peace Studies, Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and related topics.

It’s a place I hope where anyone and everyone who shares an interest can come and comment, and be part of the conversations that are happening  on Columbia’s campus, other campuses, and around the world.

Me?  I’m a currently enrolled student in the NECR program who hopes to graduate this coming spring.  I’m also a dad and an award-winning journalist who wants to be part of the solutions to the problems around us, not just report on them.  To help with that goal any and all comments are welcome!

If any of this sounds good to  you, please subscribe to the page, tell your friends, and share your knowledge and interests on the topics here.

It all begins with conversations.


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